Newsroom Reflections: Talking diversity in journalism schools

As of earlier this month, I’m officially a journalism school graduate! Being in Carleton journalism, I’ve always noticed the lack of diversity in terms of people of colour in the program. Honestly, in my graduating year, I can count less than 20. I’m posting this pretty late, but I had the opportunity to talk aboutContinue reading “Newsroom Reflections: Talking diversity in journalism schools”

Newsroom Reflections: Lessons from the Opinion/Editorial section

~whispers confidently~ the opinion section of a newspaper isn’t journalism and never claimed to be journalism. it’s an open forum for readers to respond to news. Publication of an opinion is not endorsement. ~yells suddenly~ PUBLICATION IS NOT ENDORSEMENT. ~flutters away~ — KL Sison (@WrenCityReport) March 24, 2018 I tweeted this little thought towards theContinue reading “Newsroom Reflections: Lessons from the Opinion/Editorial section”