Newsroom Reflections: Talking diversity in journalism schools

As of earlier this month, I’m officially a journalism school graduate! Being in Carleton journalism, I’ve always noticed the lack of diversity in terms of people of colour in the program. Honestly, in my graduating year, I can count less than 20. I’m posting this pretty late, but I had the opportunity to talk aboutContinue reading “Newsroom Reflections: Talking diversity in journalism schools”

Newsroom Reflections: Lessons from the Opinion/Editorial section

~whispers confidently~ the opinion section of a newspaper isn’t journalism and never claimed to be journalism. it’s an open forum for readers to respond to news. Publication of an opinion is not endorsement. ~yells suddenly~ PUBLICATION IS NOT ENDORSEMENT. ~flutters away~ — KL Sison (@WrenCityReport) March 24, 2018 I tweeted this little thought towards theContinue reading “Newsroom Reflections: Lessons from the Opinion/Editorial section”

AUDIO: Co-hosting Charlatan Live

I stepped out of my comfort zone as a section editor for The Charlatan, my university’s independent student newspaper and temporarily stepped into the role of co-host of the newspaper’s radio show with my classmate and friend Emily D’Orazio, since one of the regular hosts, Sydney, was unavailable. I helped write a small part of theContinue reading “AUDIO: Co-hosting Charlatan Live”

AUDIO: Hosting Midweek on CKCU 93.1 FM

I had the chance to be a host for Midweek, a current affairs show broadcast across Ottawa and produced by graduate and undergraduate journalism students in their final year of study. In addition to hosting, for this show, I also co-produced a Q&A piece previewing the 20th anniversary year of the Ottawa International Writers Festival (4:37)Continue reading “AUDIO: Hosting Midweek on CKCU 93.1 FM”

AUDIO: Potential podcast pilot – Diaspora Dialogues: Gold and Trains

I created this short radio piece for my final history project, and I really enjoyed researching, narrating, and editing together this little mini-episode. I’m hoping this is the beginning of a bigger project, as I’ve had the idea for a podcast featuring people’s migration stories for a while. Have a listen, and I hope youContinue reading “AUDIO: Potential podcast pilot – Diaspora Dialogues: Gold and Trains”

PHOTO: A summer week in New York City

New York is one of my favourite cities in the world, with many people, places, and things to discover. This past summer, I had the chance to explore some of the city while practicing my DSLR abilities. Here are a few of the best photos from that adventure.

PHOTO: Lindy hopping on Elgin Street – A glimpse of Ottawa’s swing dance community

On the night of Jan. 25, LIVE on Elgin, a downtown performance venue, came alive with Oxford shoes, twirling skirts, and fast-paced jazz beats, as local swing dance group Bytown Swing hosted a community dance night. While smaller than its Toronto and Montréal counterparts, Ottawa’s swing dance community is vibrant and active, as seen from one Wednesday night. DancersContinue reading “PHOTO: Lindy hopping on Elgin Street – A glimpse of Ottawa’s swing dance community”