Meet Karen-Luz Sison

Photo Credits: Jasmine Foong

I’m a content creator, communicator, and storyteller with a journalistic background.

In more casual terms, I like to get excited about good work people are doing in the nonprofit realm and help those people communicate their work to wider audiences.

A core experience that has shaped my professional abilities was my job as the editor-in-chief of the Charlatan, Carleton’s independent weekly student newspaper. I was involved with the Charlatan for five years – first as a volunteer reporter, then as the Opinion/Editorial editor, and last as editor-in-chief.

During my final year working for the Charlatan, I found myself in the position of acting as an advocate for the value of student journalism. I led a first-time fundraising campaign that raised over $8,000 for the paper, and I spoke out against a provincial policy that threatened the paper’s finances, through events and initiatives within the campus community and through the Globe and Mail and the Ottawa Citizen.

And so, through being an advocate for student journalism, I gained a passion for using communications to help others get the support they need to further good causes.

Feel free to check out examples of my work right here.

Photo credits: Aaron Hemens

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