Meet Karen-Luz Sison

Photo Credits: Jasmine Foong

I’m a content creator and storyteller who recently graduated from the Carleton University journalism program in Ottawa.  Most recently, I was the editor-in-chief of the Charlatan, Carleton’s independent weekly student newspaper, where I was involved for five years – first as a volunteer reporter, then as the Opinion/Editorial editor, and last as e-in-c.

Whether through fiction or fact, storytelling is what I love to do. I have a particular interest and passion for localized stories: getting to know a community by looking closer at its people, places, and events. This passion grew from getting to know the Carleton community through doing reporting and editing work for the Charlatan. 

Photo credits: Aaron Hemens

During my final year at the paper, I had the privilege of speaking on the value of local journalism, even in a school community, on a number of platforms, such as the Globe and Mail, Ottawa Citizen, CBC Ottawa, and J-Source.

Additionally, I’ve written various stories for the Charlatan and local Ottawa arts and culture publication ARTSFILE. Feel free to check out the work I’m proudest of right here.

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